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Anne-Marie Soulsby - Chair

Anne-Marie Soulsby - Chair of Climate Action Wansbeck

Anne-Marie has always been passionate about the environment. She first became aware of the fragility of our planet from hearing news reports as a child of the ’80s, watching the destruction of the rainforests, the devastating oil spills and the hole in the ozone layer. This spurred her to gain an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from the University of Leeds, a Masters in Conservation Biology from Manchester Metropolitan University.

She's worked on ecologically focussed projects in Africa, won awards at a climate change solution competition at MIT University, and contributed to the IUCN's Red List, an inventory of the global conservation status of biological species at the Institute of Zoology at London Zoo. She is currently eco-renovating her house, is the spokesperson for a divestment campaign and the climate champion of her hometown. She established her education business ‘The Sustainable Life Coach’ to empower others to become eco-confident in their lifestyles and businesses through Carbon Literacy training, Coaching and Net Zero programmes.

Catherine Allen - Secretary (temporary)

Catherine Allen - Secretary (temporary) of Climate Action Wansbeck

Catherine is from a Tees-side family, although she has never lived there, and moved around the country with her NHS job for over 30 years. She lived and worked in Newcastle and the Tyne Valley, South Wales, Swindon and Lancashire before settling in Morpeth in 2016. She volunteered in a Lancashire Country Park before moving to Northumberland and now volunteers with the Wildlife Trust. She does conservation, survey work and public engagement work on many of their reserves, including Northumberlandia and Hauxley, and on the Ospreywatch Project at Kielder.

Catherine has been involved with Climate Action Wansbeck from the beginning. As a Committee member she has been working on some of the administrative jobs that need doing when a new organisation starts up, as well as supporting our Market Stalls and the Ecofair. She is really looking forward to getting going with more projects locally to get Northumberland towards net zero and to combat biodiversity loss.

Margaret Adams - Treasurer

Margaret Adams - Treasurer of Climate Action Wansbeck

Margaret was born and brought up in Morpeth but has lived most of her life in Ashington. She studied Fine Art at Sunderland and Newcastle University and subsequently became an art teacher. As a practising artist she was particularly interested in nature and the environment and until recently kept bees. Her mission was to understand how they lived and to protect them from harm.

Margaret's concern about what is happening to the planet has been long-standing. On a personal level, she tries to live sustainably and has made a commitment to never to fly.

Margaret was delighted to become involved with Climate Action Wansbeck and has been a committee member from its onset. This has given her the opportunity to meet and work with like-minded people on sustainability projects in Morpeth and Ashington.

Nick Simon - Committee Member

Nick Simon - Committee Member of Climate Action Wansbeck

Nick is a retired resident of Pegswood with some time on his hands to devote to a good cause. Nick believes that 'No cause is probably greater than Climate Action' and as individuals, there is little that we can accomplish on such a matter by ourselves and as a team we can achieve more together. Nick is also a parish councillor.

Peter Fuller - Committee Member

Peter Fuller - Committee Member of Climate Action Wansbeck

Peter has retired from his work as a Public Transport Manager and Planner and he is now an active campaigner for environmental issues and for better public transport. He is a founder member of Climate Action Network Northumberland (CANN) which pressed Northumberland County Council to declare a Climate Emergency in 2017, and he has been a member of the Council's Climate Action Steering Group since then. Whilst his primary focus has been in campaigning for government and local council action to tackle Climate change, he has also been involved in tree planting and wild flower meadow projects.

Committee Meeting Dates

We normally meet once a month via Zoom about issues related to the running of Climate Action Wansbeck such as projects, funding, financials, events and policies etc. We welcome new committee members so please do contact us for the next meeting details.

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